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From the kitchen
of the sultans
to today’s street food, I am taking you
for a ride with fantastic flavors of exotic Turkey.
for exciting gastro tours
full of unforgettable spices and scents.
Now even in Budapest, you may enjoy
the amazing dishes of Turkish gastronomy.
Learn how to make
Turkish dishes
Individual and group courses are available in
your own home or at the largest cooking schools of Hungary.








My name is Ági Tóth and I confess that I fell in love with Turkey in 2005. Ten years later, in 2015, I decided to launch my Nar Gourmet blog, which has become Hungary’s first gastro blog introducing authentic Turkish cuisine. Since then, my blog activity has been expanding and I, as the “ambassador of Turkish gastronomy”, have a wider vision and commitment now. I prepare and introduce the best examples of Turkish cuisine so more and more people would have a chance to get a taste of Turkey in Hungary.


Do you crave for authentic Turkish flavors but you cannot afford to fly to Turkey every month? I have great news for you. Now, even in the city of Budapest, you may enjoy the wonderful flavors of Turkish cuisine.

Are you dreaming of a breakfast that lasts until noon? Or, would you try out new flavors at a dinner with a specific food theme? Or rather, would you like me to cook at your home or on the site of your company? I am ready to bring the flavors of Turkey anywhere you wish to.


Have you ever tasted Turkish dishes at various locations and now you would like to learn how to cook them? Or, are you just about to get familiar Turkish cuisine?

Come and cook with me.

Individual and group courses are available in the largest cooking school of the country or even in your own home. Anything is possible because cooking together is a wonderful experience!


If you are attracted to the exotic parts of Turkey but instead of the ordinary tourist programs you prefer discovering the authentic flavors of the country’s different regions, then your place is next to me.

I can take you to unforgettable gastro tours abundant of flavors and scents.


Since the beginning of 2018 I have been a regular guest writer for the Hungarian edition of BBC Goodfood magazine. I share three recipes of specific Turkish dishes each month with the readers. If you would like to experiment with preparing Turkish dishes at home, here is a great opportunity.


Traditional recipes and interesting gastro-historical stories from all regions of Turkey


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