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Would you like to taste it?

Do you crave for authentic Turkish flavors but you cannot afford to fly to Turkey every month? 

I have great news for you. Now, even in the city of Budapest, you may enjoy the wonderful flavors of Turkish cuisine. 
Are you dreaming of a breakfast that lasts until noon? Or, would you try out new flavors at a dinner with a specific food theme? Or rather, would you like me to cook at your home or on the site of your company? I am ready to bring the flavors of Turkey anywhere you wish to.

Turkish Breakfasts

Statistics shows that more than 78% of Turkish people, regardless of the fact whether they come from big cities or small villages, insist on having many-hour-long weekend breakfasts in the circle of their families and/or friends. One of the most important corner stones of Turkish gastronomy is the extended and extensive breakfasts on the weekends. This could take place either at people’s homes or at one of the thousands of breakfast places in big cities where family members or friends gather in front of a table packed with countless amounts of culinary delicacies of all sorts of flavors and scents. At these breakfast tables, people eat, drink and chat until the early afternoon kicks in.

This is exactly the atmosphere and environment I would like to introduce at my breakfast ”feasts” organized on the last Sunday of each month, attended by 30 people who sit around the table tasting more than 10 types of dishes for two hours or so. My breakfast table would offer indispensable delicacies such as the fresh Turkish white cheese, black olives, walnut-based paprika dip (muhammara), Turkish ’ratatouille’ with eggs (menemen), poached eggs with garlic yoghurt and melted butter with paprika (çılbır), grape molasses and sesame paste (tahin-pekmez) or Turkish cream and honey.

Follow the events advertised on my Facebook page as the spots for the breakfast events get sold out very quickly, within a few days.

Thematic Dinners

My travels and gastro internships spent in the restaurants of the most diverse areas of Turkey always bring me a wealth of experiences that I would like to share with you. Moreover, working together with wine and beer experts and other chefs always gives birth to special, new and exciting ideas. Based on these ideas, the themed dinners have been launched at Borganika Studio including various events such as vegan dishes co-created with Kristóf Steiner with Ottoman inspired wine and beer tasting.

Follow me on Facebook so you will not miss the next unique Turkish feast.

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Company Dinners

Would you like to get out of your office with your team and you want to have something more special than a usual dinner in a restaurant?

Come and visit us for a special Turkish night. In cooperation with Borganika Studio, we can organize a sit-down dinner for maximum 60 people. The menu is tailored to your needs and special requests. Along with authentic Turkish dishes, we also present interesting gastronomic stories. And, if that would not be enough, we would be happy to kick off the evening with Turkish live music, gastro quizzes or, with team building games.

On-site Culinary Events

On-site Events Powered by Nar Gourmet

Not in the mood of cooking? However, you would still like to enjoy Turkish cuisine in your own home? Or perhaps, you are organizing a birthday party, a bachelorette party or smaller-size wedding party for which you do not desire anything else but Turkish flavors?

I would be more than happy to organize on-site events, either cooking in your kitchen or taking a complete, ready-made menu to an agreed venue. The menu is created together with the clients, so all the guests may enjoy dishes that is appropriate for their culinary wishes of specific dietary needs.

This program is recommended for small-sized companies, group of friends or families.


On-site Events Powered by Terra Catering

In cooperation with the one and only luxury catering company in Hungary, we serve Turkish dishes in the category of fine dining at any location for up to 200 guests. 

Let it be a sit-down dinner or a buffet reception, the experienced chefs, professional event organizers and waiters with experience in Michelin-starred restaurants guarantee the highest quality food and service at a Terra Catering event. In addition to the above mentioned special services, with my knowledge of Turkish gastronomy, we are able to present the finest of Turkish gastronomy anywhere in Hungary in a unique, luxurious way.