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Travel with me!

If you are attracted to the exotic parts of Turkey but instead of the ordinary tourist programs you prefer discovering the authentic flavors of the country’s different regions, then your place is next to me. I can take you to unforgettable gastro-tours abundant of flavors and scents.


I can take you to unforgettable gastro tours abundant of flavors and scents.


I have travelled all over Turkey and visited many regions in the country. I have tasted the best lamb dish and baklava near the Syrian border, in Gaziantep. I have had the best meze-s in Hatay. (Meze-s are similar to tapas in Spain or zakuski in Russia). On the western part of Turkey at the seaside, I had a chance to taste the finest fishes and salads made of various seaweeds. In Cappadocia, I drank wonderful wines and cooked meals in pottery dishes. And in Istanbul, I have put together the endless list of my favorite street food locations, pastry shops, small eateries and fine dining restaurants.

Whether you are a meat lover or a vegan, a person eager to try out oriental spicy dishes or Mediterranean fish-based cuisine, I am absolutely sure that you will return home from our gastro tours full of wonderful experiences, adventures and flavors.


Two or three times a year, I organize advertised tours with fixed programs. Anyone interested can join these gastro tours. The number of these groups is maximum 10 people. It is important to note that these are not trips organized by travel agencies, so it is the responsibility of interested participants to purchase the airline tickets and book their accommodation, for which I will provide all necessary assistance and information.

Planned Gastro Tours in 2020 

Mediterranean Tour: Discovering Izmir, Çeşme, Şirince and their surroundings
Adventures in South-Eastern Turkey: Gaziantep, Mardin, Hatay

If you are interested in what kind of trips I will be organizing in the near future, join our closed Facebook group. 


Would you like to travel to Turkey with friends and family but are you looking for a destination where you would like to have an on-site guide with great expertise in the specific region? Or, with the help of an insider, would you like to find less known places that bear great gastronomical importance?

Let us travel together and I, as your private tour guide, will put together the program based on your needs and will also choose the date according to your request.